Re-considering the membership, It’s just pollution, therefore I post

Every day we follow groups. Every day we search for new opportunities where to catch (or to be taken by) business. Every day we spend a significant quantity of time by doing researches. Millions of gigabytes run up & down in the net just creating pollution. We started looking frantically all over the world. But what?

Recently I was “cleaning” my network removing all the sleeping groups, all those bands that apparently have more than 10/50/100K followers (and I appointed like followers not registered active members, that’s a completely different type of being) and no one is producing neither a “like” or any other symbol at the bottom line of each sorrowful post.

Hence my brain was lightening and suddenly a blue thought came up… Is still significant for you being part of a group even if the 50 top posts have received just few likes? Why managers, executives, employers, employees are posting? What do they post? Who will benefit from such needless posts? Is it only for personal reasons or do you still believe to spread useful information?

What about if we all start chatting 1-2-1 only with smiling and positive and brilliant people? It’s easy to catch ‘em up. Just look at the pic on the profile. Do you feel comfortable with her/him? Send a DM. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste my time. It’s just pollution.

I do not either expect to receive comments... therefore I post


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