The importance of socials networks

What was written on social and how much you will have to write? I could not speak my mind on this subject, and so, like it or not, I’ll give you my truth about the world seen from behind a PC.

Until a few years ago my work was considered one of the most beautiful and interesting in Italy at all: the opportunity to travel, meeting people, exchange views verbally, shake hands, sometimes fighting over a contract. This was our commercial work. Nowadays I really miss, I have to be honest, the possibility (and sometimes the desire) to take my 24 hours bag and get out, just for the sake to go get coffee with a client. The company has changed the way of doing business. The marketing people know the importance to be always on top of the piece, online, live, a step ahead.

Hands up who of us does not have a “smart” phone? We are now connected 24 hours a day, looking for something we do not even know, always be there with prehensile thumb flowing thousands and thousands of MB of information. And, of course, I am one of them. We wake up on mornings and one of the first things we do is checking if we have any message (right?). I believe that at least 90% of what you receive is “spam” or useless information that our brain is forced to receive. But if the remaining 10% we were able to treasure and maybe to investing a small portion of our time, that we would have used in a “smart” phone our friend. Social media, and I think especially in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (to name a few) have sped up in an over-exponential our way of living and thinking.

Have you ever imagined until the early 2000s to be able to buy your air ticket with their cell phone in about 4 minutes and through a dedicated App? And then go to the airport and show the screen of your phone rather than a boarding pass? Tourism was one of the first channels to benefit from this sale. And it is here that I believe we should all invest.

Always careful to frauds, there are so many on the net, but be aware that the future (oops!) or rather this is to be social. And if you like to have a coffee with your preferred customer / friend, turn off the smartphone that live chatting is much better and always good for the soul.

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